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Ford GoPark App




Introducing the all new Ford GoPark app, GoPark is among the first projects created in Ford’s new Smart Mobility branch, a subsidiary that is investing in mobility services, autonomous vehicles, and data and analytics. e premise of GoPark is simple. Using an algorithm, the app distills all of the town's parking rules down to three pieces of information: Can you park here? If so, for how long? And how much will it cost? The app’s interface shows a street map with your car’s location, which is found using the phone’s GPS or an internet-connected dongle that plugs into the car’s on-board diagnostic port. A green or red overlay visually denotes if you can park in a location (green is yes, red is no). If you can park in a location the app will say, “You can park here till 6:30 pm,” and then tell you how much it will cost you. If the space is off limits, the app will simply state, “You can’t park here until 6:30 pm.” To find out more information on Ford's Go Park app, simply click on the link below;