New All-Electric Explorer - From €43,591

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The ultimate all-electric SUV is here. Beautifully sculpted iconic design, superior comfort and state-of the-art technologies. The Explorer delivers smooth, silent acceleration, combining performance and zero emission driving.

Adventure ready, Iconic design, Fast charging, the Explorer will redefine the meaning of adventure.


Ford has gone to some effort to make the Explorer stand out, and its exterior design is chunky without being overly aggressive looking. There are hints of Ford's North American models in the style, and the body-coloured front panel where the grille would normally be found demonstrates that this is unmistakably electric. View the Ford Explorer from the side, chunky 21-inch wheels use a mixture of sporty and aerodynamic styling, while the black plastic cladding that circles the base of the car and wheel arches underlines the SUV image.


The Explorer will feature a 14.6" movable touchscreen with the new fully customisable SYNC 4 system. Beneath the touchscreen is a space for mobile devices, with two cupholders and a deep 17-litre storage compartment underneath the central armrest, ensuring that the Explorer has no shortage of interior storage space. 5-seat, soft-touch interior adds luxury to the ride and ambient lighting on Premium series makes the All-Electric Explorer look as good as it feels.In fact, it’s so good to drive, you might want to take a few wrong turns.

The all-Electric Explorer is equipped for both AC charging and quicker DC charging option. The Ford Connected Wallbox can be added to a customers order and is the fastest way to recharge at home. Together with the FordPass smartphone app, you’ll be able to monitor the electricity used each time you charge, as well as manage access to your Wallbox through its lock function.

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Explorer Select 52KWH RWD

Available to order late 2024

Electric range



Electric range



Fast charge

Approx. 10 minutes




Headlamps Full LED
Interior Spacious and comfortable
Loading space Up to 470L
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