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Record Breaking Ford

April 19th


Ford is breaking more World Records

Did you know that Ford is the official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title-holder for the Largest billboard in the world after unveiling a 5,265 m2 advertisement – equivalent to 20 tennis courts – for the new Ford EcoSport sports utility vehicle (SUV) on the iconic Espana Building in central Madrid, Spain.


A GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS official adjudicator inspected the 2,000 kg installation and verified the Largest billboard GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS official attempt was successful – exceeding the previous record established in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, by 241.93 m2..

Designed for life inside and outside of the city, the stylish new Ford EcoSport is now on sale in Kerry Motor Works. 


About Guinness World Records

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS (GWR) is the world record-breaking authority. Published for the first time in 1955, the annual and iconic Guinness World Records book has sold around 136 million copies in 20 languages ??and in more than 100 countries. Additionally, Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition, published for the first time in 2007, has sold more than 4 million copies.

The global television programme Guinness World Records reaches 750 million viewers annually and more than two million people follow the GWR YouTube channel, which records more than 300 million views per year. The GWR website receives 18 million visitors annually and has around 10 million followers on Facebook. The commercial sales division of Guinness World Records offers tailored consulting services for some of the world's leading brands and agencies.